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Pierre Bernard visualised

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Jan. 3rd, 2007 | 07:41 pm

Pierre BernardNovember issue of Vorm Bericht, a monthly managazine of the BNO, Dutch association of graphic designers, publishes an article about Pierre Bernard, French graphic designer and artist. In 2006 Bernard was awarded the Erasmus Prize, and this article prvides both short description of the award and the work and life of the designer. I can say that I particularly like his works, for me they are too 70-s (=old and dusted), too leftist and too avant-garde.

What I was cought with, however, is the cover of the magazine, which I am posting under the lj-cut.

I think it's an interesting attemt to use a mix of mapping and quasi-technical diagram, all blended with a face of the artist, to illustrate his life-span. Below is a small fragment of the work:

and also the 'legend' apparently used to desipher color-coding of the illustration:

Quite an interesting attempt to blend 'mapping' techniques and life-span visulalisation. It creates an illusion of a 'deep analysis' of the life-span in question, of its placement into a broader cultural context, and of color representation. All the above is a fake, in my view, yet the overall impression is quite strong.

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